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From: £250.00 every 4 weeks with a 14-day free trial and a £100.00 sign-up fee

Club Training Plan Membership is a subscription-based service that offers a variety of workout plans to meet your clubs needs. Each plan is designed to fit your specific goals, and all plans are built with RPE, heart rate, and power values. All plans are also smart trainer ready so you are good to go both indoors and out.

You have email contact with our coaches who will take care of your members questions with regards coaching and anything technical about their chosen discipline.


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Welcome to Clubhouse TEAM!

I’m super excited to bring this low-cost coaching solution to market. Clubhouse TEAM combines all of my experience over the years into a single location where you can learn and grow. My team will help your club ensure that everyone is educated on the best practices from cycling, running to triathlon.

The plan may not be customised for you, but I bet you won’t have done this level of training before, and I can bet that you will feel much better than ever upon completion of even one of the phases. This is actually how the pros train; it is actually how your body wants to be trained.

The membership will run continuously, with the content, including training plans, being updated as you go. Clubhouse TEAM is just getting started; with a PRO membership, you can get so much more and access to even more specialised coaching.

What’s included in Clubhouse:

✅ Basic Training Peaks Account
✅ Training Plan
✅ Video Coach Content
✅ Members Group
✅ Members Discounts
✅ Email Support
❌ Strength & Conditioning
❌ Nutritional Guidance
❌ Coach Messaging (in-app)
❌ Premium Training Peaks Account
❌ Training Plan Library
❌ Choose a Training Plan
❌ Monthly Zoom Call
❌ Edit a Training Plan

Clubhouse has a 14-day free trial so what are you waiting for, get signed up now and come have a chat with our coaches today!


Clubhouse Team

Up To 10 Members, 10-20 Members, 20-30 Members, 30+ Members


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