Foundation Phase Training Plans

From: £20.00 every 4 weeks

Foundation Phase Training Plans are a subscription-based service that offers a variety of workout plans to meet your needs. Each plan is designed to fit your specific goals, and all plans are built with RPE, heart rate, and power values. All plans are also smart trainer ready so you are good to go both indoors and out.


  • Beginner Cycling Training Plan

Perfect for the beginner in the off-season to get ready for their first season of racing. If you are a beginner don’t take on too much volume initially with your training program. You can always add on more training volume once you get going.

  • Gran Fondo Training Plan

This plan is for any rider that is taking part in Grand Fondo’s across the world, we have everything in here to get you set up with endurance and power to make it to the end of even the hardest of Fondo’s.

  • Century Week Training Plan

This plan is for the beginner recreational rider that wants to build up the endurance to take on a century or local sportive. You will have everything you need to transform your fitness and move to the next level.

  • Gravel Grinder Training Plan

With gravel racing getting more and more popular I have designed a training plan for those that are taking up this amazing new discipline.

  • MTB Endurance Training Plan

With inspiration taken from XC World Cup coached rider Christopher Dawson, you will have all the work in this place to take on the most challenging of XC races.

  • CX Training Plan

The CX plan will give you the basis on which to build into your season and move to a more specific training plan later. We still work with specific CX intervals so you will be ready from the start of the season.

At a minimum, you will need a Training Peaks Basic subscription which is free to be able to view and work through your plan. Once you buy your plan head on over to www.trainingpeaks.com and sign up. Once you are sorted then you just need to connect your account through the link below:


Training Plan

Beginner Cycling Training Plan, Gran Fondo Training Plan, Century Week Training Plan, Gravel Grinder Training Plan, MTB Endurance Training Plan, CX Training Plan

Plan Duration

12 Weeks, 18 Weeks, 24 Weeks

Average Hours / Week

8 Hours, 12 Hours, 16 Hours


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