Preparation Phase Training Plans

£20.00 every 4 weeks

Preparation Training Plans are a subscription-based service that offers a variety of workout plans to meet your needs. Each plan is designed to fit your specific goals, and all plans are built with RPE, heart rate, and power values. All plans are also smart trainer ready so you are good to go both indoors and out.


    • High-Intensity Performance Build Plan

    This sort of plan isn’t for the faint-hearted and I strongly advise that you have completed a well-executed foundational phase before going into this level of high intensity.

    • Performance Build Plan

    This sort of plan is perfect for the road racer, either at the club level or wanting to race in open races this year. If you are an avid club cyclist and have used power before and want to progress, then it would be a suitable plan for you also.

    • Sustained Power Build Plan

    Anyone that wants to take on the big climbs in Europe, or get into time trialing, then this would be the plan you are after. The focus is on sustaining power at threshold, building strength and endurance.

    At a minimum, you will need a Training Peaks Basic subscription, which is free, to be able to view and work through your plan. Once you buy your plan, head on over to www.trainingpeaks.com and sign up. Once you are sorted, then you just need to connect your account and follow the instructions after purchasing.

    Training Peaks plans can take up to 24 hours before they are available for you to view on Training Peaks and will start on the coming Monday. Contact us if you would like to change the start date of the plan.

Training Plan

High-Intensity Performance Build, Performance Build, Sustained Power Build

Plan Duration

8 Weeks, 12 Weeks, 16 Weeks

Average Hours / Week

8-10 Hours, 10-12 Hours, 12-14 Hours


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