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Achieve Peak Performance: Custom Training Plan for Athletes Over 40!

Cyclists and Triathlete’s aged 40-65! Are you striving to shed those extra pounds and propel your performance as the summer sun beckons?

Coach McKinney’s Dynamic Training Plan is your roadmap to success! This plan is the bridge from a off the shelf training plan and a full coaching package.

Why Choose Coach McKinney’s Dynamic Training Plan?

  • Tailored for Progress: Whether you’re a beginner or an intermediate runner, cyclist, or triathlete, our 12-week custom plan is sculpted for YOU.
  • Expert Guidance: Under the wing of Coach McKinney, your journey is not just about training; it’s a transformative experience. Expect dynamic adjustments and expert insights.
  • Seamless Communication: Start with a 30-minute strategy call. Have queries along the way? Email us! We ensure a response within 48 hours.
  • Flexible Upgrades: Crave more interaction? Opt for WhatsApp or call time, or elevate your journey with our comprehensive coaching plan.

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This isn’t just a training schedule; it’s a lifestyle change. And it’s in high demand! Secure your spot now and start your journey towards a fitter, faster you. Remember, summer goals wait for no one!

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– My Fitness Pal Guide
– Vegan Smoothie Recipe Book
– Keto Recipe Book
– Eating out guide

Transform your body, boost your cycling performance, and enjoy the journey with Coach McKinney’s Dynamic Training Plan.

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Our Services

Cycle Coaching: Coach McKinney offers personalised online cycle coaching packages for cyclists of all skill levels. With over 15 years of expertise, Bryan McKinney specialises in elevating cyclists’ performance on any terrain, incorporating nutrition, strength, mindset, and performance modelling into the coaching process

Triathlon Coaching: Tailored coaching for triathletes, combining running, cycling, and swimming disciplines into a cohesive training plan. The coaching is designed to optimise performance across all three sports, with plans available for athletes at different levels of commitment and expertise.

Running Coaching: From beginners to national competitors, Coach McKinney provides comprehensive running coaching services. Plans range from bronze to platinum levels, catering to various needs and goals, ensuring athletes maximise their running potential.

Training Plans and Dynamic Training Plans: A variety of training plans are available on Training Peaks, designed to suit different levels of athletes and their specific endurance goals. Dynamic Training Plans offer personalised training with the flexibility of monthly adjustments and the option for enhanced communication methods.

Cycle Coaching

Transform your cycling with Coach McKinney's personalised coaching, designed to push your limits and optimise performance on any terrain. Elevate your ride with expert guidance and comprehensive support.

Triathlon Coaching

Master the triathlon with tailored coaching that harmonises swimming, cycling, and running. Achieve your personal best with customised training plans and holistic support from Coach McKinney.

Running Coaching

Unlock your running potential with Coach McKinney's structured coaching plans. From beginners to seasoned athletes, elevate your performance with expert guidance tailored to your goals.

Cycling Training Plans

Gear up for success with Coach McKinney's cycling training plans. Whether you're aiming for a personal best or building endurance, find the perfect plan to boost your cycling performance.

"In the arena of cycling, the toughest opponent you'll face is yourself. Outlast your doubts, and victory becomes more than a destination—it becomes a journey."

Our Mission

“At coachmckinney.com, we are dedicated to unleashing the full potential of every athlete we coach. Our mission is to provide personalised, high-quality endurance coaching services that not only optimise physical performance but also nurture mental resilience.

We strive to create a supportive and empowering environment where athletes, regardless of their level, can push beyond their limits, conquer new milestones, and transform their passion for cycling, running, or triathlon into enduring success.

Through expert guidance, tailored training plans, and unwavering commitment, we aim to inspire a culture of excellence and perseverance in the endurance sports community.”

Client Testimonials

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