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Training Zone Calculators

Choose your zone calculator

It is crucial to employ a precise and customised training strategy. To maximise training for each unique athlete, our online training plans use a system of five different training zones. 

Our zone calculators use the individual thresholds of the athlete to establish the proper training zones. We advise setting up distinct zones for each particular discipline in order to achieve the best outcomes. This will enable more focused training and exact progress monitoring.


Alternatively if you have purchased a training plan from coachmckinney.com you can drop us an email and one of the coaches will be able to assist you with calculating your training zones.

You will have to ensure that you have all the relevant data available for them to use. On a personal coaching plan or dynamic training plan you will get dynamic adjustments to the zones as you get fitter. This is a custom way of setting up zones developed by Coach McKinney that standard calculators don’t account for.


Interested in coaching

Check out our coaching packages below. We cater for all endurance athletes in cycling, running and triathlon. No matter the distance or your level of ability you will benefit from high performance coaching.


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