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Calculating your cycling power zones

First up before we can calculate our zones we need to ensure that we have the correct data to input into the calculator. At coachmckinney.com we use a specific test protocol for calculating power zones and it is outlined below. 


In order to get the best estimation of your FTP we need to carry out a maximum 6min test before the 20min test. This is often something that is over looked when testing FTP with a 20min test. The results can then be over estimated leading to training zones that are set too high. This can lead to problems when training in the upper zones and will result in under resting giving rise to poor performance in the long run.


Why not try our test week on training peaks

Try out our anaerobic and aerobic test week on training peaks. Follow the link below, and we will give you access to a free test week. Once you have completed it drop us an email if you need help calculating your zones and picking a training plan


Power-Based Training Zones (Coggan Power Zones)

Power Zones:

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