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Calculating your cycling heart rate zones

First up, before we can calculate our zones, we need to ensure that we have the correct data to input into the calculator. At coachmckinney.com, we use a specific test protocol for calculating your heart rate zones for cycling. If any of the testing methods are unfamiliar to you, you can try other FREE Training Peaks testing plans for cycling, running, or triathlon. Just fill in the short form below, and we will get it over to you in due course.


Try out our anaerobic and aerobic test week on training peaks. Follow the link below, and we will give you access to a free test week. Once you have completed it drop us an email if you need help calculating your zones and picking a training plan


Cycling Threshold Heart Rate Calculator

Threshold Heart Rate:

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    Check out our coaching packages below. We cater for all endurance athletes in cycling, running and triathlon. No matter the distance or your level of ability you will benefit from high performance coaching.

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